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House Extension

Things to Consider When Planning A House Extension If you desire more space and you feel that moving is not an option, the easiest way to acquire this additional area is to extend your existing property. There are only two real ways of doing this which is going up into ... Read More

New Build Homes

Building your own home is a very big commitment and one that should not be taken on lightly, there are a multitude of thing that you must be prepared for and doing your research is critical. This is a serious investment and get it wrong and you could face financial ruin!

Property Renovation

Property renovations are a very interesting proposition especially if you have done your research. The amount of slightly rundown to outright derelict buildings available are bountiful, and if you select carefully you can grab yourself a real bargain and possibly make yourself a profit on the way. There are plenty of estate agents online to ... Read More

Garage Conversions

To a lot of people the garage that is attached to their home is a wasted space which is filled up with clutter. The average garage width is approximately 2.5 metres, so unless you have a small car the chances are it will not fit in, or if it does you certainly will not be ... Read More

Loft Conversions

A loft conversion has a very similar end result to building an extension on your property;extra living space, but obviously this extra space is utilized by using the void that is created by a peaked roof. Due to the fact that your roof space already exists there is no loss of space to any garden areas ... Read More


Stonework is a very different and specialised scope to building works.  It takes knowledge and experience to ascertain the correct source point and type of stone to be used.  For example different types of stone are required depending on its application; a good illustration of this is a step opposed ... Read More

Should a builder join a building trades association?

For any builder the question of whether or not to join a building trade association is an important one. Building trade associations have a high media profile and given the number of horror stories involving cowboy builders it is true that membership of a trade association may provide a sense of security to potential customers.